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SAP Environment Performance Optimization: LeverX SAP Basis Support

Have you already implemented any of SAP solutions into your business and ready to improve the products that have become an integral part of your processes? Still an amateur in SAP, but intend to select a right system for your organization and connect it to your infrastructure?

SAP Basis, a key component for building various systems based on the existing SAP solutions, and our specialists in SAP system administration resolve both issues. If you need to install a system from scratch, careful examination of business requirements and recommendations on the product are two more steps that are necessary.

Are SAP systems closely incorporated into your business?

If so, we take on analyzing your SAP products. The Product Availability Matrix assists the LeverX team in providing customers with the following information:

  • Whether the transition to newer versions of systems is required;
  • Which extra products they need to install, if any;
  • Whether their business needs any new add-ons.

Also, the Product Availability Matrix helps to explain and demonstrate our customers which programming languages, operating systems, databases, web browsers, web servers, and JSE/IDE versions currently support SAP products.

Our expertise in SAP system administration isn’t limited to using the Product Availability Matrix. SAP Basis support from LeverX covers a range of services, such as deploying and virtualization of the SAP landscape, creating/copying of SAP clients, workload planning, etc.

LeverX updates SAP systems, including migrating to Unicode, and databases (HANA, Sybase, Oracle, and DB2). Our team works on the projects related to migrating SAP systems to other platforms (like SAP HANA) and develops or implements backup strategies.

Configuring the performance of SAP systems is among our competencies, too.

The scope of LeverX services in terms of SAP Basis support involves many items. Whatever a customer chooses, the benefits of SAP Basis for business are clear.

Companies streamline their business processes, reduce costs for the development/maintenance of SAP systems and improve quality of SAP landscape support.

It becomes much easier to detect and fix the issues with the internal SAP functionality.

LeverX has prepared a few ready-made SAP Basis support service packages: Start, Advanced, and VIP. According to your business requirements, you are free either to choose the one that fits your needs or to make up your own package from the available positions. Please refer to the SAP System Administration/SAP Basis page to find a detailed description of each package.