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Lever IQ Launch – Speed Up and Monitor your New Product Introduction Process

By Peter Demtscenko

Companies are always looking for ways to improve their product development process and shorten the cycle time. The first to the market wins the war. The process of introducing and monitoring the release of a new product usually spans different systems and data models and can be a tough task. Finding, identifying, organizing, releasing and monitoring the data and tasks across business groups is a challenge. At the detail level you must monitor the status of all the objects such as drawings, materials, BOMs and changes, and more as they are created, revised, and released. For this we need a simple total view of all the objects involved in the product release. The need for a simple way to see and track your product information is crucial.

Welcome to LeverX's IQ Launch. 

The end result of any Product Development process is a product to manufacture and sell. LeverX’s IQ Launch is an HTML 5 User Interface that simplifies the launch of a new product by providing the product team a simple cockpit that contains all the information needed to kickoff and monitor the release of a new product. Simple is Better with IQ Launch.

IQ Launch Basics

  • SAP add-on to simplify the job of tracking new product development and launch activities
  • All your needed information in one simple view
  • Built on SAP technology to ensure compliance with future changes to core SAP functionality
  • Easy to deploy – requires only two transports to implement in your system
  • Obeys back-end security to ensure Users only see what they are authorized to access
  • Fast response times
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Zero footprint on user workstation
  • Mobile enabled
  • Available in SAP ECC 6.0 and above

IQ Launch Key Features

  • Product readiness check cockpit (plan for every part – PFEP)
  • Provides quick and easy overview and status on key indicators required to launch a product
  • Easy to adjust and configurable dashboard of indicators related to project/product readiness
  • Visual representation of outstanding data/indicators that need to be completed before a product can be launched
  • Scenario specific indicators, all configurable
  • Products can be added to groups to better organize launches
  • Visualization and tracking of indicators and how they progress over time 
  • Option to switch between
    Detailed View or Summary View 
  • Tracking feature allows for quick access
    to frequently processed products
  • Export of data to MS Excel

Project Data on Any Device.

Mobile Enabled

  • Fully Fiori based and mobile-enabled application
  • No JAVA Applets, Whitelists, etc. required

Speed up and simplify your new product development processes with IQ Launch.