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Lever IQ Discussions – Working Smarter Using Product Collaboration

Written by, Peter Demtschenko

Having been around product development since the early 1980’s, I have seen many things come and go. Companies are always looking for ways to improve their Product Development process and shorten the cycle time. The first to the market always wins the war. Back in the old days, one such improvement was the introduction of concurrent teams. Teams that included all the members involved in the product development process co-located together to improve communication and make the process much more efficient. Companies then added technology to this approach allowing for the team to be virtual while still participating in the process. Many tools exist today to support team interaction, but these are focused more on project management, task assignment and tracking. Having listened to customer needs, LeverX is now providing a new solution to support true collaboration down to the SAP object level.

Welcome to the LeverX IQ Discussion. IQ Discussion is a simple solution to help SAP users easily collaborate at the SAP object level. Whether it is a document, material, purchase order, maintenance order, or any object in SAP, users can interact directly on the object itself via a simple Fiori User Interface add-on. This add-on allows users to easily add comments and share ideas. Working at the object level allows members to focus on what is needed for the target object. 

Better yet, IQ Discussion is easily integrated to the LeverX Integrated Process Solution (IPS) so it can be embedded into the overall business process so you can have object level collaborations active with the larger process itself. IQ Discussion integrates with LeverX IQ DMS so users can access documents from any device (PC, Notebook, iPad, cell phone, laptop, etc).

With IQ Discussion SAP users create, share, and collaborate in one place to move SAP processes forward faster. All communications are securely stored in SAP. IQ Discussion keeps users up to date with the latest information.

IQ Discussion provides the following functionality: 

  • Create documents as a team, provide feedback in context, and rapidly iterate until your work is complete.
  • Threaded discussion capabilities to look back into decisions and discussions
  • SAP users can be tagged in discussions providing a quick mechanism to get them engaged.
  • Integrated file sharing
  • Simple intuitive Fiori user interface
  • Collaborate on key content with confidence that your ideas and data are secure in SAP DMS.

Implementation is simple, with just two transports to install into your SAP system. Minimal IT resources and basic user training required to deploy IQ-Discussion. Communication, transparency, and productivity are key for modern teams. Achieve these goals with IQ Discussion today.