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IPS Newsletter


We are excited to welcome you to the LeverX 2020 newsletter series! With our newsletters, it's our mission to keep you up to date on the latest features, offerings, releases, updates, events, and more regarding SAP and LeverX's add-on products and services.

To kick it off, we introduce you to a flexible digital workflow solution which unlocks productivity and transforms both your organizations and employees' experiences, running on SAP.

What is IPS?

LeverX’s Integrated Process Solution (IPS) is an add-on to simplify business processes in SAP via workflow enablement. It allows business users to create and manage workflows easily without long and cumbersome custom development. It accelerates standard workflow capabilities and transforms these to enable the full potential business value and integration across the enterprise.

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Processes Where you Can Use IPS: 

  • Document Approval & Management
  • Engineering Change Management
  • Material Master Release & Extension
  • Master Data Creation & Change
  • Manufacturing & Administrative Process Control
  • Sales Order Release
  • Manufacturing Deviation
  • Plant Maintenance Work Request
  • Process Automation & Visualization
  • Vendor Setup & Approval
  • Quality Issue Request
  • Tooling Change Request
Did you Know:
  • IPS intuitive user interface simplifies use & training for business users 
  • IPS supports many SAP objects and SAP user interfaces
  • IPS selects workflow and participants based on SAP object attributes 
  • IPS decision-based actions drive workflows and supports conditional & parallel paths 
  • IPS visual workflow clearly identifies process status & phase 
  • IPS generates email notifications including PDF reports 
  • IPS automates SAP system activities
  • IPS has remote access

Available IPS Integrations: 

  • Integrates with SAP Engineering Control Center (ECTR)
  • Integrates with Celonis to simplify process automation in SAP
  • Integrates with Qualtrics to follow up on user experience directly from SAP

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