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How to Integrate SAP Ariba with SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA

System integration provides data exchange. Within the SAP Ariba procurement process, the integration with Ariba Network allows exchanging documents and necessary information between buyers and suppliers. This streamlines procurement processes, cuts down expenses, and saves time. 

You can integrate SAP Ariba applications using:

  • APIs

They help to get transactional data and update them as well as approve Ariba documents (purchase orders, contracts, etc.).

  • SOAP services

It’s a major type of integration with SAP Ariba, which lets synchronizing data between the two systems and get both master and transactional data.That is how the SAP ERP and S/4HANA systems are connected. 

There are several ways to integrate systems with SAP Ariba:

Cloud Integration

Pros: The integration of different types of data with SAP Ariba Network and SAP Ariba Sourcing is available.

Cons: Middleware is required to receive messages in cXML, the format supported by SAP Ariba.

Business Suite Add-on

Pros: It doesn’t need any middleware for integration.

Cons: Business Suite Add-on supports only SAP Ariba Network integration and doesn’t help in case of integrating master data with SAP Ariba Sourcing or Realm transactional data.

Among common CI and Business Suite Add-on shortcomings are specific knowledge requirements to configure integration; a long-term cycle of the Ariba integration (up to several months); high cost of implementation and maintenance; and limited integration options for suppliers. 

To tackle all these issues, SAP Ariba introduces a new Cloud Integration Gateway (CIG) service. You don’t need to use several solutions for integration anymore. CIG supports integration of both master and transactional data. SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway, enabled by SAP Cloud Platform Integration, lets you configure, extend, and test integration processes.

Explore the benefits of CIG: 

  • An easy way to configure, extend, and test processes;
  • A single portal to manage integration processes and helpful deployment guides that assist you through every step;
  • Automated testing and inbound transaction monitoring contribute to rapid deployment;
  • An intuitive SAPUI5 interface;
  • A single account for Ariba Network, Ariba Procurement, and Ariba Sourcing.

SAP Ariba is going to manage all integration in Cloud Integration Gateway. Currently, a great deal of master and transactional data from suppliers and buyers is already supported. 

LeverX consultants experienced in the integration of SAP Ariba with S/4HANA and SAP ERP strongly recommend to consider SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway when it comes to choosing the integration option. Our team is always ready to demonstrate all its strengths and integration opportunities.