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Global Medical Device Company Gains Flexibility & Agility in SAP for Process Integration & Workflow via LeverX

LeverX has been working with a global medical device company and leader in new product development and medical education in orthopedics. This company moved from a legacy PLM solution into SAP PLM. Today, we will look at how LeverX’s Integrated Process Solution (IPS) helped them easily migrate & rebuild their processes & deploy these inside SAP with the help of IPS model the workflow.

Saving Time & Money while being very user-friendly was a key business driver in the decision to implement IPS. IPS is a user-friendly workflow add-on to SAP that allows business users to build, modify, and deploy a wide variety of workflows in SAP with many benefits. IPS has brought flexibility and agility into SAP for process integration and workflow.

Before implementing IPS, you would have to be a skilled programmer to create workflow, which is not easy to change once set up. IPS has allowed them to make quick automated changes (within an hour) for things such as approvals, delivery, etc. instead of changing these things manually which can take weeks.

Key Benefits this Medical Device Company has achieved from IPS from a user-perspective:

  • Allows for drag & drop without having to manually configure things
  • Can easily create, change and modify workflow
  • Allows for automation through system tasks
  • Allows them to document the entire project & easily go back if needed
  • Can generate reports on the exact time something happened
  • SAP allows them to quickly search & find what they need in the system

Next Steps:

IPS has reduced the time of managing product development changes and workflow in the same system from weeks to hours. In SAP, the PLM processes are now controlled and integrated with the downstream processes, which is extremely important for manufacturing since this medical device company has various manufacturing sites across the world. They are no longer limited to scattered systems with uncontrolled data & are now running fully integrated within SAP, with PLM part of the ERP process.

Implementing IPS was just a first step in automating & managing product development changes and workflow in one system. Our client plans on further integrating regulatory and quality processes with IPS in the next phase, deep in SAP.