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5 Underutilized IPS Workflow Features

Written By Mike McManaman, 

LeverX’s IPS Workflow tool is used by a growing number of companies, and we are continuing to improve it with new features. In early 2021, we will be releasing IPS 5.0. We will have more details on that release in the months to come, but I wanted to take some time to tell you about some existing functionality you may not know about or may not be using. 

Here Are 5 Underutilized IPS Workflow Features


1. Enable a Simple View for Users

Workflows can be complex, and we know some users just want to see what work needs to be done in the system, and they don’t want to see all the automation and workflow logic. So, we added the Simple View.

You can decide what a Simple View means for your users, but when configured, a new button appears on the Workflow Definition screen.

When a user clicks Simple View, they’ll see a much cleaner, more streamlined view of the workflow. The system will remember this for the next time they login.

Here’s the Simple View configuration:

Here’s the Standard View:

And here’s the workflow after clicking Simple View

2. Send Reminder Emails with our Escalation Functionality

We all get busy. Sometimes, we need a little reminder on the work we must do. IPS can help.

With IPS workflow, you can enable Escalation emails. If a user does not complete a task after a specified number of days, a follow-up escalation email can be sent to them or anyone else in the system. This will remind them to make a workflow decision.

The configuration is done on the workflow template level and can be configured per task, so there’s a lot of flexibility. You can configure after how many days the email should be triggered, how often the emails are sent after that time, and the number of times the email is sent. You also have control over the email subject and text.

3. Make Ad-Hoc Tasks Easier to Manage with More Task Groups

Many customers use an 80-20 approach to creating workflows: the workflow should work for 80 percent for the cases, and the other 20 percent can be covered using ad-hoc tasks.

In some cases, customers will numerous ad-hoc tasks for many different business groups within their organization. This can make it challenging to find the ad-hoc task a user is looking for if they’re not organized in some way.

Did you know you can organize these ad-hoc tasks using Groups found in the Master Data?

Here’s an example configuration in the Master Data:

And here are some ad-hoc tasks organized within these Groups.

You can see that these ad-hoc tasks are now organized in a folder structure, and users will be able to find what they are looking for much easier.

This is a pretty basic example, but as your workflow grows and your users grow, organizing your ad-hoc tasks like this is something to consider..

4. Get Some Out-Of-The-Box Analytics with our IPS Workflow Analysis Report

Another recent addition to IPS is the IPS Workflow Analysis Report.

The report is available out-of-the-box and gives you detailed information about what decisions have been made, how long they took, and who made the decisions.

The report includes visual representations of the data with graphs and charts. It’s worth checking out if you want more visibility into your business processes.

5. More Complex Approvals with Per Agent Execution

For many workflow tasks, you may want all users assigned to make a decision, or anyone assigned to make a decision. But for many customers, there’s at least one approval in the workflow which is more complex.

This is where Per Agents Execution Type comes in. Let’s look at an example.

Maybe you want all the members of one business group (Procurement in our example below) to make a decision, but only one person from another group (Costing in our example). You can do this with Per Agents tasks.

In the above example, both member of the Procurement team need to make a decision (All Resource Type), while either member of the Costing team needs to make a decision (Any Resource Type).

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