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Explore the SAP Connected Product Lifecycle

Bringing more elements of digital applications to manufacturing has been a key trend as of late. It's not about glitz, flash, and feel-good modernization. The driving force behind the adoption of SAP Connected Product Lifecycle solutions is the business benefit and ROI they provide to traditional manufacturing organizations. A digital transformation is occuring in the manufacturing sector, and it's taking place for the right reasons.

In this video, SAP is showcasing how the SAP PLM solution serves as a starting point, the centerpiece, for the SAP Connected Product Lifecycle suite of applications. With a solid PLM implementation, your organization begins the journey towards holistic management of your solutions from design through maintenance in the field.

With better connections across these components, data on equipment in-market becomes quickly available to product designers. With tighter integration of product data, effective planned maintenance solutions can be sold by your organization to further drive revenue while at the same time, improving your customers' satisfaction levels and uptime.

LeverX is the leader in SAP PLM Consulting, PLM Strategy & Roadmaps.  With focus and expertise for both discrete and process manufacturing organizations, our approach to PLM gives your business stronger control over the initial phases of the product lifecycle, and we can lead your organization to the incredible capabilities of the next steps in the SAP Connected Product Lifecycle, including:

  • SAP PLM - The foundation of product lifecycle components, SAP PLM provides robust integration between design and manufacturing functions, along with an array of options across Portfolio & Project Management, Bill of Material Management, Knowledge Management in SAP DMS, and more. Ensure consistency between design and manufacturing, along with custom fit approaches to the specific components that drive value in your specific business, reducing time to market and improving on documentation, knowledge transfer and process visibility.
  • SAP Product Lifecycle Costing enables your organization to more quickly assess costs of proposals, changes, and more, ensuring that your proposals are profitable for your organization as well as timely and accurate for your clients
  • The SAP Engineering Control Center, or SAP ECTR enables the sustainable optimization of the product creation process through consistent engineering data updated company-wide; reliable information flows; controlled release and change processes; and holistic systems engineering approach.
  • SAP Visual Enterprise enhances communication, collaboration, and decision making from initial product design, throughout the rest of the product lifecycle. Visualization can be leveraged for product data publishing, restructuring, and analytics.

Want to learn more? Contact us, or call us 866-562-1512 to learn how LeverX can connect your product lifecycle and drive efficiency and growth within your business.