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LeverX / Celonis - SAP Integration - A Tool to Extend Celonis Processes into SAP

Written by, Dmitry Antanovich

It is not a secret that we live in a world of Data today. Data drives customer’s choices, business decisions, emerging technologies and helps to predict natural disasters, and much more. But to make the right decisions and create the most efficient processes, the most relevant data must be discovered, processed, presented, and acted upon. 

SAP’s customer base of 437,000 companies in more than 180 countries are responsible for 78% of the world’s food distribution and 82% of the world’s medical devices. A staggering 77% of the world’s transaction revenue touches an SAP system.

What are the challenges SAP customers face when it comes to data?

  • Not leveraging terabytes of collected business data to make better, faster decisions
  • Competitors using Machine Learning to gain a business advantage
  • Global competitors taking full advantage of new solutions such as AI and ML
  • Many US businesses are falling behind or going out of business entirely because they are not using the latest technologies 
  • Today’s immediate need to review and quickly revise supply chains as business needs dictate

The LeverX Celonis-SAP Integration allows customers to take full advantage of the business data they have collected over time. With the Celonis Action Engine integration to SAP powered by the LeverX Integrated Process Solution (IPS), users can now leverage the power of AI decisions across all SAP processes and data. Better, faster and more efficient business decisions are now available to every employee in your enterprise.

LeverX-Celonis SAP Integration has the following capabilities

  • Quickly deploy a Celonis business process learning model for any business process used
  • Extend the Celonis model to support any SAP business process easily using LeverX IPS
  • Supports any SAP business process by Celonis Action Engine
  • Business process models can easily be extended across all strategic business systems
  • Action Engine model integrates existing business data and provides users best practice recommendations to make better decisions in real time
  • AI based interpretation of process-based data across complex supply chains
  • IPS provides the capability to extend Action Engine learning model recommendations into actionable tasks that can be implemented by all users in SAP

Celonis provides an engine to mine your business data and feed your business processes with the latest information to help users make better and faster decisions.

LeverX IPS integrates your Celonis engine easily into every SAP business process used in your enterprise. The result is another step towards a true end to end process integration.

Don’t wait for your competition to put you out of business, act now. Work Smarter with LeverX!