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Accelerate Your SAP Recipe Development Processes Using LeverX’s Integrated Process Solution

If you have implemented SAP Recipe Development, or are planning to, please read on to find about how you can use LeverX’s Integrated Process Solution(IPS) to accelerate and workflow enable processes related to recipes, specifications, and labels.

IPS Overview and Benefits

LeverX IPS is a user-friendly workflow add-on to SAP that allows end users to build, modify, and deploy a wide variety of workflows in the SAP system following the below simple steps:

  • From your defined process; create your phases, roles, tasks, and decisions.
  • Build out your workflow via drag and drop editor, using the phases, roles, and tasks you have created.
  • Model decision logic for each task, which allows you to go backward and forwards to any step in the workflow based on the defined tasks decisions.
  • Setup agent resolution rules to ensure correct users are getting workflow tasks based on attributes or objects being processed.
  • Per task, define escalation logic to ensure users are executing tasks on time.
  • Set your workflow start and insert conditions.
  • Once started, make task decisions from SAP inbox or via a mobile device.

Realize the Following Benefits with IPS:

  • Eliminate the need for highly specialized IT/technical staff to build workflows in SAP.
  • Build a workflow in a matter of days and be ready to launch shortly after.
  • Standardize processes using a uniform automation approach.
  • Improve the quality and efficiency of processes.
  • Add flexibility and agility to your processes


IPS Integration to SAP Recipe Development

IPS is directly integrated to SAP’s Recipe Development solution via a “Workflow” tab (Fig. 1) in each key object, including Recipes (Fig. 1), Specifications (Fig. 2), and Labels (Fig. 3). You will also find the same type of direct integration for SAP PLM 7 Documents and Engineering Record, as utilizing SAP's document management and change management capabilities are key components to the Recipe Development process.

Fig. 1: IPS is directly integrated to Recipe object via Workflow tab

Fig. 2: IPS is directly integrated to Specification object via Workflow tab

Fig. 3: IPS is directly integrated to Label object via Workflow tab

IPS Ticket

Need something more generic for your workflows? Use the IPS Ticket (Fig. 4) object to collect data and route through any business process/workflow you can imagine. The Ticket creates a package of business information, including links to SAP objects (e.g. recipes, specs, labels), and supporting documents. Workflows can be tied to specific ticket types and started based on the ticket attributes. For example, you could use the Ticket for early product development processes related to recipes and specifications where an informal workflow is desired.

Fig. 4: Use the IPS ticket to collect business attributes, objects, and documents to route through workflow

Recipe Development Processes Where IPS Could Be Utilized

IPS enables key benefits and supports the following processes as part of your SAP Recipe Development implementation:

  • Streamline processes related to a recipe, specification, and label review and approval.
  • Support your overall new product introduction (NPDI) processes.
  • Change management and control processes on key recipe development objects, ensuring necessary steps are carried out before changes are released to production.
  • Meet your regulatory and compliance needs.
  • Nutritional Facts Label development, review, and approval.
  • Validate early formula costing.
  • Collaborate on new vendor specifications to ensure fit and compliance.
  • Automate processes; remove manual user intervention, including status changes and automatic release of items based on approvals.


Setup Demonstration – Let Us Model Your Process

Contact us to set up an initial discussion and demonstration. We are happy to take one of your current processes and model in IPS to clearly demonstrate the tool and benefits to be realized.