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7 Reasons Why You Should Use Payment Terms Governance for Procurement and Sales

1. Smart payment terms rules is a key to profitability

PTG provides customization of rules for the use of payment terms in compliance with the company size, market specifics, or regional requirements. Right selection of payment terms rules results in instant cost savings.

2. Keeping all payment terms in one place 

You don’t need to combine all payment terms from multiple SAP systems any more — we have created a kind of central storage. Now purchasers use a single tool to manage payment terms and monitor the use of rules/accuracy of documents. 

3. You choose the right payment terms strategy with PTG  

Payment terms affect business more than ever before. Do you want to postpone payments, manage transparent and predictable cash flow, or optimize your working capital? 

Use payment terms correctly to achieve these objectives. Our PTG product will assist with the best payment terms. 

4. Payment terms usage is transparent throughout the entire procurement chain 

With our application, purchasers can be sure that favourable payment terms negotiated with suppliers will be executed. PTG lets purchasers monitor payment terms usage across the entire procurement process. 

Payment terms approved by vendors do not vary at different stages of the procurement process, for instance, making invoice payments or goods receipt. 

5. PTG supports all the latest payment methods

Regardless of payment methods chosen for transactions, they are set in payment terms rules. All the purchasers involved use a selected method in a centralized way. 

6. SAP or non-SAP integration? Both are possible

PTG integrates with SAP S/4HANA, SAP ERP, and SAP Ariba processing data from SAP systems. Also, we provide integration of PTG with third-party systems if requested. 

7. SaaS or ePaaS? It’s up to you

Among the advantages of a cloud application are improved performance, adoption of the newest technologies, and flexibility of business models. 

Have an account in SAP Cloud Platform? We’ll offer you software as a service.

No account? There is an ePaaS option available. It’s a 2-in-1 service that includes our product and the subscription to SAP Cloud Platform. 

Do you want to check that one tool will let you easily monitor all payment terms and related documents? Feel free to download and test its trial edition!