New ways to grow for retail and wholesale players

Deliver faster, more high quality products in the new retail and wholesale environment

Improve operational efficiency with innovative solutions for retail and wholesale

LeverX is an expert in retail and wholesale-focused ERP solutions that optimize all business processes in the company:

Supply chain management

Marketing and sales

Storage and logistics

Finance and accounting

Selected projects

ERP solutions for retail and wholesale

LeverX implemented SAP solutions in eCommerce, JIT inventory control, and distribution that helped optimize business processes of both retail and wholesale clients.

We offer proven SAP-based ERP solutions with distinct benefits in the fast-moving environment:

  • Timely adjust to demand. Optimize your stocking and sourcing with advanced visibility capabilities of the ERP system. Get clear insights into current and predicted demand from historical data and plan better
  • Streamline supplier requests. Free your employees’ time for more important tasks by automating item requests and quote reception from suppliers
  • Reduce inventory costs. Real time data of the whole inventory allows your employees to see faster and slower moving items and operate with a leaner inventory, freeing more money for your other needs
  • Improve customer service. Provide your customers with quick and quality service to win their future business
  • Refine your business. Receive full and current data on your business to always focus on the most profitable customers you have