Webinar: SAP Product Configuration Intelligence

Thu, Mar 7, 2019 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST

For many manufacturers of configurable equipment, it can take several days and significant effort from highly trained technical sales representatives to generate a budgetary (aka rough order of magnitude) price estimate. In many cases, this effort is wasted as only a small percentage of budgetary quotes are converted to actual orders.

By leveraging state of the art machine learning this all changes, SAP’s new Product Configuration Intelligence (PCI) solution utilizes machine learning and historical sales data to reduce the time and effort required to generate a budgetary price estimate from days down to minutes.

In addition, the intelligent product selection capability of PCI can be used to identify and recommend configurable products and default configurations based upon a few functional needs as opposed to numerous technical attributes of the product. This capability can help enable true customer self-service for e-commerce scenarios, thus reducing the level of customer support required from internal customer sales representatives.

Join Mitchell Clark, SAP Product Manager-Discrete Industries and Dave Kramp, LeverX Director of Sales for this exciting webinar that will provide a product overview and demonstration of the new SAP Product Configuration Intelligence solution.

LeverX Webinar: SAP Product Configuration Intelligence from LeverX on Vimeo.


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