Webinar: Payment Terms Governance as a Central Solution for all Payment Terms

Tired of using lots of different systems for payment terms management? Lack monitoring payment terms usage across the entire procurement chain? Constantly face the mistakes related to payment terms usage or company’s payment rules/methods?

LeverX Group is delighted to introduce a new cloud solution that will help to forget about all the issues above. During a webinar devoted to Payment Terms Governance (PTG), we’ll give you an overview of the application and major business challenges it deals with.

You’ll see how simple it could be to manage all company’s payment terms in one centralized system. We’ll explain how PTG provides transparent and predictable cash flow, relevant payment terms selection, and support of all current payment methods. The application’s wide integration capabilities will also be covered.

We invite those who are involved in procurement processes, including chief procurement officers and purchasers, to join our webinar and learn how to get rid of uncoordinated purchasing activities with the help of PTG. Let’s meet on October 10 at 3 p.m (UTC+2:00) and discover all business benefits of the product!

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