There is a New Way to Manage Your SAP Engineering Documentation

Webinar Description:

This webinar will discuss and demonstrate in detail the many uses of SAP's new Engineering Control Center (ECTR). ECTR can manage not only CAD based models, but is also a valuable tool to help you manage any engineering documents.  We will also discuss the use of ECTR for other engineering authoring tools, such as the MS Office suite of tools, Adobe, etc.

Many SAP customers create an abundant amount of engineering data outside of their CAD systems. There are reports, project communications, analysis gathering and there are the ever present Excel sheets that do about everything else! Learn how you can leverage the ECTR to manage all of your document data and  provide a secure and accessible environment for your engineering data.  All of this can be managed and organized in SAP Folders which can then be shared with your workgroups. Change control can be managed with the LeverX IPS (Integrated Process Solution), to workflow these documents for approval.

LeverX has implemented the first SAP ECTR user in North America. In this webinar we will present our accelerated packaged service offering which will ease the deployment and migration to SAP ECTR and help our customers quickly and cost effectively transition from their current managed environment (CAD and non-CAD product data) to a fully integrated SAP ECTR approach.

Webinar Speaker:

David Kramp, Director Solutions & Services, LeverX

Webinar Agenda:

1. What is SAP ECTR? - Overview

2. What is SAP DMS?

3. How to Leverage SAP DMS with the ECTR

4. ECTR Demonstration

5.  Questions

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