The Next Generation of SAP Process Automation, the Integrated Process Solution (IPS) from LeverX

Webinar Description:

Spend an hour with us and see the next generation of SAP process automation made possible by LeverX’s new Integrated Process Solution (IPS). Building on the success of LeverX’s earlier Integrated Change Solution to manage engineering changes and documents, we have greatly expanded the ability for SAP customers to drive simple and flexible process automation across many SAP objects and any SAP user interface (SAP GUI, NWBC, Fiori, etc.).

LeverX IPS is built using SAP technology and runs within your SAP system leveraging standard SAP workflow items. However, IPS allows business users to define simple, agile and configurable workflow templates and change them whenever needed, even on workflows in flight! In addition, IPS provides a generic workflow ticket that can greatly ease and simplify starting and assigning workflows for all SAP and Non-SAP users. Learn how to dramatically reduce the time, effort and cost of process automation for your company.

Webinar Speakers:

Eric Stajda, Vice President of Services, LeverX

David Kramp, Director Solution & Services, LeverX

Webinar Agenda:

1. Integrated Process Solution (IPS) - Overview

2. Demonstration of Key Integrated Process Solution Capabilities

3. Questions

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