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Fundamentals of SAP Service Management

SAP SERVICE MANAGEMENT Presented by: Sridhar Krishnamoorthy, Subject Matter Expert, SAP Service Management, LeverX Description: The Customer Service organization has long been a cost center for companies. Due to continued global competition and shrinking product margins companies have realized that they need to create new services to sell to their customers increasing revenues and profits. Re-envisioning customer services as a revenue generator rather than just a cost center, requires service processes to take advantage of industry best practices and an efficient IT underlying infrastructure and set of service management solutions to improve productivity, reduce costs and maximize profitability. During this webinar, we will review the functionalitiesof SAP ECC Service Management and SAP CRM Service Management. We will discuss the advantages of each solutions, the service processes that can be implemented, and the benefits of service management implementation. Examples from customer case studies and various implementation best practices will also be presented. When registering for our webinars, please click the SAP Webinar button to the right. Please use your company assigned email address (no personal email addresses, please).

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