SAP's New Engineering Control Center in Detail

Webinar Description:

This webinar will discuss and demonstrate in detail the many uses of SAP's new Engineering Control Center (ECTR). Uses such as supporting CAD integration with SAP, supporting multi-CAD integration with SAP, and supporting MS-Office integration with SAP. We will also discuss the use of ECTR in managing the complex engineering file and document environment as well as supporting non-engineering users to manage and access engineering and SAP master data all using an industry leading intuitive user interface.

Many SAP customers have a multi-CAD environment, whether in-house or across their supply chain. We will explain and demonstrate how SAP ECTR can remove the complexity of multi-tenant PDM systems and multi collaboration tools as well as open the door for all users to access rich engineering and SAP data. We will also demonstrate the built-in use of SAP Visual Enterprise for all users. See how companies utilizing multiple CAD systems and office tools can collaborate to streamline their design cycle and incorporate downstream organizations such as procurement, logistics, and manufacturing within their product lifecycle processes.

LeverX has implemented the first SAP ECTR user in North America. In this webinar we will present our accelerated packaged service offering which will ease the deployment and migration to SAP ECTR and help our customers quickly and cost effectively transition from their current managed environment (CAD and non-CAD product data) to a fully integrated SAP ECTR approach.

Webinar Speakers:

Mark Downer, PLM Consultant, LeverX

David Kramp, Director Solutions & Services, LeverX

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