SAP's Idea to Performance Strategy Explained

Webinar Description:

Learn how SAP's Idea to Performance strategy provides solutions to manufacturing companies to streamline and launch new products to market.  This strategy offers improvements in four major areas:

  • Sustainable Innovation - starting with the capture of new ideas and developing these ideas to thepoint where the designs can be shifted to manufacturing
  • Responsive Manufacturing - how a manufacturing company can develop and maintain a high level of manufacturing quality as products and production environments become more complex
  • Operational Excellence - designing and maintaining manufacturing centers to operate safely and efficiently
  • After Market Service - supporting the needs of manufacturing and service companies as they drive down the cost of service while improving customer satisfaction

This webinar, jointly sponsored by SAP and LeverX, will explain this new strategy and discuss how it has been developed in conjunction with SAP customers to address the increasing demands on manufactures to drive down costs and time to market in an environment with increasing product complexities and compliance requirements.

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