SAP Visual Manufacturing Planner (VMP)

Webinar Description:

Many SAP customers still create their manufacturing BOMS and Routing instructions the old way - Textually!  There is a new more exciting way to manage this information. 

With SAP Visual Manufacturing Planner (VMP) you can leverage the rich Engineering 3D data from your CAD designs by converting the CAD specific assemblies into lightweight 3D visuals.  These visual assemblies can then be virtually planned in VMP.  The VMP will load these visuals into session and your manufacturing planners will then build the required manufacturing BOMS and Routings from those 3D lightweight models.

Webinar Speakers:

Ken Brickner, Senior Solution Engineer, SAP

David Kramp, Director Solutions & Services, LeverX

Webinar Agenda:

1. SAP Visual Manufacturing Planner (VMP) - Overview

2. Demonstration of Key SAP VMP Capabilities

3. Questions

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