SAP Innovations for Better Product Quality

Webinar Description:

Alerts about quality come from many sources - including customers, suppliers, manufacturing checks, and supply chain disruptions.  Additional data comes from disparate sources such as ERP, MES, and LIMS.  To help you gain visibility, SAP Quality Issue Management (QIM) consolidates this diverse information into a single source of insight.  SAP QIM helps streamline quality by providing a web-based user cockpit where users can create quality tickets, work on existing quality problems, define and execute necessary activities, and document issue resolution.

In this webinar, jointly sponsored by SAP and LeverX, Inc., you will get an overview of SAP's latest innovations helping you to improve product quality; a demo highlighting some of the key capabilities of the solution; and a brief review of how SAP QIM was used at a major automotive parts manufacturer for one of their key management reports.

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