SAP Document Management - The Easy Way

Webinar Description:

Use documents at work?  Of course you do.  Do you have them securely vaulted, controlled and searchable?  How many Excel spreadsheets exist that in one way or another, really drive significant parts of your business processes.  SAP delivers a comprehensive enterprise document management solution. Providing an easy way for you to manage and securely control your important company documents.

In addition, SAP offers an Easy Document Management application allowing users to drag and drop files directly from their desktops and laptops to save, store, control and search files via their native Microsoft Windows Explorer. SAP does the rest and your files are now securely managed via SAP Document Management. Enterprise users can access documents from a range of interfaces including, their Microsoft Windows Explorer, SAP Document Browser and even light weight tablet apps.

This webinar will present an overview of SAP Document Management System (DMS), various ways to easily access all your documents, and quick ways to get up and running with SAP DMS across your enterprise.

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