Product Safety & Stewardship Solutions from SAP for Process Industries - Overview, Recent Innovations, and Roadmap

Webinar Description:

Process manufacturers producing, selling, and shipping products must comply with regulatory and stakeholder requirements for ingredients, chemicals, registrations, provision of safety data sheets, labeling, packaging, and safe transportation.

The Product Safety & Stewardship solutions from SAP help fulfill these requirements and ensure product marketability, reducing compliance costs and protecting the brand.

Please join us for this extensive webinar demonstrating the Product Safety & Stewardship solution from SAP for process industries and their latest innovations and roadmap.

Webinar Speakers:

Dr. Ruediger Kreuzholz, Solution Expert, Product Safety & Stewardship, SAP SE

Webinar Agenda:

1. SAP's Product Safety & Stewardship - Current Trends and Strategies

2. SAP's Product Safety & Stewardship Solutions - Overview

3. SAP's Product Safety & Stewardship Solutions - Latest Innovations and Roadmap

4. Questions

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