LeverX Innovations - Updates & New Product Announcement

Webinar Description: 

Learn about the latest updates and new products from LeverX to drive SAP processes and data automation, as well as help your users to work smarter and faster.

All companies face a similar challenge today: How to accomplish more with fewer resources, greater agility, better accuracy, and full traceability and transparency. LeverX, a leading SAP systems integrator, has developed key SAP add-on solutions to help your company leverage your investments in SAP. Based on 14 years and over 250 SAP customer projects, LeverX has developed cost effective and rapid deployable SAP process automation and enhanced user solutions yielding quick return on investment and improved use of SAP solutions to develop, source and manufacture your products.

This webinar will present an overview of the recent updates and next generation capabilities of our Integrated Process Solution (IPS), BOM Material Allocation and Extension (BMAX) and our new LeverX IQ configured user cockpit. Learn how to dramatically reduce the time, effort and cost of process automation and working with product data in SAP for your company.

LeverX IPS - Enables your Business Users to easily create and maintain business process workflows that meet their needs today and tomorrow - manage processes for documents, product change, material masters, BOMs and many additional SAP objects from logistics, sales, procurement, quality, assets simply and cost effectively.

LeverX BMAX - Streamline, simplify & automate your Material & BOM extension processes to productive plants & more based on your company defined rules, reducing manual efforts, eliminating errors, & accelerating the handover to operations.

LeverX IQ - A NEW personal productivity cockpit consolidating key SAP transactions (20+) into a single, easy to use, intuitive & intelligence UI.

Webinar Speakers:

Alan Mendel, Vice President, LeverX

Eric Stajda, Vice President, LeverX

David Kramp, Director of Solutions & Services, LeverX

Webinar Agenda:

1. LeverX Innovations - Overview

2. Next Generation SAP Workflow

3. Rules-based and Automated Material Extension

4. Work Smarter with LeverX IQ

5. Questions

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