LeverX Innovations - Overview

Webinar Description:

Innovation is defined as - a new idea, method, or device

Since 2003 LeverX has been working with our valued customers helping them build and roll out SAP projects.  During this time LeverX has implemented many key additions to SAP to enable customers to derive more value from their SAP solutions.  We have packaged these key accelerators and are delivering them to you. This webinar will help you find out how LeverX innovations can speed up key business processes within your organization and deliver immediate value to your company.

Webinar Speakers:

Eric Stajda, Vice President of Services, LeverX

David Kramp, Director of Solutions & Services, LeverX

Webinar Agenda:

1. LeverX Innovations Overview

2. LeverX HANA Search Engine

3. LeverX BMAX (BOM / Material Master Extension)

4. LeverX Engineering Change Dashboards Overview

5. LeverX Mobility Solutions (PPM and PLM for Mobile)

6. LeverX IPS (Integrated Process Solution)

7. Questions

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