LeverX IQ Publisher Webinar - Collaborate Faster, Smarter, and Efficiently

In today's Digital Supply Chain, the need to collaborate and share data is critical. In order to maintain an easy, auditable and secure collaboration platform, it is important to integrate the collaboration and sharing of data with the Enterprise applications and processes. 

Please join LeverX by registering TODAY for our webinar Accelerating IPD via LeverX IQ Publisher - Collaborate Faster, Smarter, and Efficiently on Thursday, June 18th, 2020 from 11:00AM - 11:30Am (EDT). This webinar will be an informative overview of automating and streamlining your IPD Collaboration across the Digital Supply Chain, including Collaboration with Design Partners, Vendors and other Participants with a live demo by LeverX's David Kramp. The LeverX IQ Publisher (Add-on) for SAP Intelligent Product Design (IPD) provides the capability to quickly select documents in the SAP Document Management System (DMS) based on a variety of criteria and rapidly publish directly to SAP IPD.

Key Takeaways:

  • Quickly select documents to be shared with IPD.
  • Create the proper folder structure on IPD.
  • Easily adjust folder structures prior to sharing.
  • Ability to select documents based on single document, BOMs, Engineering Record, Change Master, or Material.
  • Filter documents to be shared by document status, type, and application.
  • Include documents that are linked to MPNs.
  • Share files using IPD and download locally for processing.
  • Downloaded local files are zipped and presented in structure.
  • Audit trail of what has been shared.
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