Fundamentals of SAP PLM 7.01

Webinar Description:

More SAP customers than ever before are using, implementing, and investigating SAP PLM. SAP PLM 7.01 features significant improvements over earlier versions. If you were waiting to consider SAP PLM, now is the time to take action and invest. During this webinar, we will cover what will be available in PLM 7.01 with a demonstration of some of the new functionality. Also, we will cover what you need to think about now in preparation for rolling out PLM 7.01. This includes enhancement packs, infrastructure items, and how you can take advantage of current releases (i.e., PLM 7.0) today.

Webinar Speakers:

Eric Stajda, PLM Practice Director, LeverX

Thomas Ohnemus, Senior Director, Solution Marketing SAP PLM, SAP

Martin Bachmann, Solution Manager SAP PLM, SAP

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