Fundamentals of Product Structure Management in SAP PLM 7.0X

Webinar Description:

This webinar will describe and demonstrate the basic capabilities of Product Structure Management in SAP PLM 7.0X. SAP has enhanced their SAP PLM solution through the addition of market leading features and benefits around managing product configurations and variants.

These include:

1) Using product structures to model a multilevel product hierarchy with a greater level of flexibility than the modeling available in BOM maintenance;

2) Using a redundancy-free description of products or product families with many variants, and an integrated data model for efficient product structure management;

3) Using variant configuration and variant management capabilities with the option of working with configurable materials; and

4) Using the flexibility of continuous modeling right from an early stag e to the manufacturing handover.

Webinar Speakers:

Eric Stajda, Director, PLM Consulting Practice, LeverX

Rohan Joshi, PLM Consultant, LeverX

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