Essentials of Navigation in SAP PLM 7.02

Webinar Description:

This webinar will, through system demonstrations and examples, highlight the essential aspects of navigation in SAP PLM 7.02. The webinar discussion will focus on menu structure and tailoring to specific users groups; demonstrate the available options for searching (Quick Search vs. Advanced Search); demonstrate the use of Favorites, Recently Accessed, and Last Changed; and look at the use of Personal Object Worklist (POWL) to keep track of key objects of interest.

In addition, the webinar will demonstrate the use of the PLM Object Navigator and provide examples of the kind of information that can be derived, including where used list, product structure, and related change numbers; and demonstate use of the Business Context Viewer to deliver context based information from different areas of your SAP system. Finally, the webinar will demonstrate tailoring the “You Can Also” action items per object, thumbnails and preview images, and making use of standard capabilities to filter and export results.

Webinar Speaker:

Eric Stajda, Director, PLM Consulting Practice, LeverX, Inc.

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