Digital Transformation for Direct Materials Sourcing & Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) with SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba Webinar:

Webinar Description:

During this session you will hear from LeverX and SAP Ariba procurement and direct materials experts. They will discuss and demonstrate how your company can reduce time to market and new product introduction by bringing engineering and procurement teams closer. This, in turn, will increase your company's competitive advantage and shareholder value.


  • Deepen your understanding around the importance of bringing together your engineering and procurement teams
  • Gain visibility into innovations around direct material sourcing and integration to PLM systems for bill of material (BOM) sourcing
  • Learn more about how LeverX and SAP Ariba are partnering together to help your company

Webinar Speakers:

Florian Seebauer, Senior Director, Direct Procurement Solutions, SAP Ariba

David Kramp, Director of Solutions & Services, LeverX

Webinar Agenda:

1. SAP Ariba Direct Materials Sourcing - Overview

2. Demonstration of Key Capabilities

3. Questions

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