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Data Migration for SAP

Data Migration Services for SAP

With over 100 successful SAP data migration projects completed, LeverX is an ideal partner for your SAP data initiative. With a clear understanding of best practices gained from successful projects, our consultants and engineers can lead your team from conception through completion. Whether your organization is migrating to SAP for initial launch, or looking to eliminate additional legacy systems within your organization, data migration is essential to reach your project objectives and drive efficiency gains for your teams.

Please be sure to review our latest case study on data migration best practices for a better view of what your team will face, and how core challenges can be overcome driving a successful project outcome.

Overcoming data migration challenges

Almost every SAP project requires some form of data migration. Not planning in advance for migration and cleansing requirements can cause a number of challenges for your project. We help our clients avoid implementation delays, errors during deployment, lost historical data and process records, and the general project cost overruns that tend to follow these critical problems. Our expertise helps both small and large projects, planning and migrating data sets with millions of records and documents while providing cleansing capabilities that makes the migrated data useful in the SAP environment.

Our expertise doesn’t stop at the implementation phase, this same approach can be tailored for data exchange and integration projects to ensure long term data consistency and ongoing success.

Data Migration Software for SAP

LeverX Data Migration Solution

Across our many data migration projects, LeverX has developed extensive expertise with SAP’s native data migration utilities, and have written several enhancement components to assist with migrating data to the proper areas of SAP from a wide array of original systems. Where needed, LeverX can provide additional custom development for your data migration project or cleansing needs. This level of flexibility ensures that we are able to fit the scope of a project to your specific data migration needs.

As shown in the video above, we have a specific application available to handle document migration into SAP. This allows us to provide a consistent set of tools to both cleanse and manipulate the data into essential areas of the SAP ERP platform.  Custom designed for SAP DMS data migration requirements, our tools allow you to create and update SAP business objects and utilize clear MS Excel or CSV templates to work with the SAP BAPI (Business Application Programming interface).  Mapping SAP DMS business objects is easily done with a drag-and-drop interface.

Complex document migration scenarios can be created on the fly, including testing and validation. This data solution can help forecast timing for migrations and allows you to easily split the workload over multiple workstations to manage large batches of document migrations.  Detailed IT knowledge is not required to utilize this application, and it is available with a yearly subscription license.

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