BOM / Material Masters Extension & Allocation Tool (BMAX)

Webinar Description:

Spend an hour with us and see the latest process automation application made possible by LeverX's BOM/Material Master Extension and Allocation Tool Solution (BMAX). Customers face many issues in managing the ever complex landscape of expanding Materials and BOMS to their varied plants. Often times this is a very manual process fraught with error. Customers typically spend many days if not many weeks processing Materials and BOMS to extend them correctly to the new plants. What if you could speed this extension process, increase quality of the newly extended Materials and BOMs, all managed with a change controlled workflow process.

BMAX allows business users to define and maintain rules that can be used to extend material masters and BOMs to operative areas of the organization, including plants, storage locations, sales organizations, distribution channels, and warehouses in a single click. Imagine populating all views of the material master in a single click based on defined and managed business rules. BMAX will help dramatically reduce time and effort spend on data entry and improves overall data accuracy, lowering overall cost for master data maintenance.

Webinar Speakers:

Eric Stajda, Vice President of Services, LeverX

Dave Kramp, Director Solutions & Services, LeverX

Webinar Agenda:

1. BOM/Material Master Extension and Allocation Tool (BMAX) - Overview

2. Demonstration of Key BMAX Capabilities

3. Questions

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