In this article, we talk about our talented colleagues. Who are they — our #leverxpeople?

Yury Menshchykau: Collects Apple Products and Builds Houses

You have many hobbies: you collect Apple devices, build houses, make videos for your YouTube channel… The list is endless! Please share when did you start collecting Apple products and why?

—My passion for collecting Apple products was born in 2008. One day, my classmate came to school with a new iPhone. I found the phone cool and decided to search more about this device on the Internet. I only would get my first Apple gadget in the higher grades. And I started collecting them about four years ago.

How many Apple products are there in your collection?

—About 20.


Which device is the oldest in your collection?

—This is the iMac G3, a really revolutionary product that boosted Apple’s sales. It was released in 1998, a year younger than me :)

And which one is the most valuable?

—I have two of them: the iPhone 4s because it was the first Apple product my family bought, and the iMac because it is a groundbreaking thing and was very challenging to get. Moreover, there are few of them in our country.

How do these truly vintage products get into your hands? Do you monitor web stores or thrift stores?

—Yes! I monitor online auctions and sometimes eBay for Germany because my sister lives there, and she can help me with delivery.

Do you collect broken electronics, or is your collection in action?

—Sometimes, I buy non-operation devices and try to repair them.

Do you use it somehow?

— Yes, I use it for fun. When I get tired of all the modern gadgets and informational noise they produce, I turn to old beloved devices with rare system design and forbidden interesting features. You need to have enough patience to enjoy this waiting process to your heart's content. It helps me relax. 

Are you thinking of monetizing this hobby?

—It’s already monetized. I make videos for my Youtube channel, where I share various insights about Apple’s products and other staff. It brings a little money to buy a "new" rare Apple product. :)

Besides collecting Apple’s products, you also like building houses, don’t you?

—Yes, I do. I’ve tried a lot of activities!

How did you become interested in housebuilding?

— When I get tired of sitting in one place and working, I catch myself thinking about warming up and doing something with my hands, not mind. I really like DIY 一 hammering nails, sawing, and feeling the smell of wood. House building is not a one-time activity; it is a long process with a vast scope of work and a good opportunity to occupy myself. 

Moreover, my grandad was an inspiration to me. He was an all-around handyman.

What was the first construction you built?

—We have a house in the village. One day, my parents decided to put it for sale. I didn’t support this idea, and my father and I agreed that I would help rebuild it. So, the construction started.

But you have to admit, building a house is not easy. Who taught you all the construction processes?

— My father and I read quite a lot of engineering and construction documentation, also we watched tutorials on YouTube and tried to remember how my grandad had constructed various things. In addition, my grandfather left a bunch of construction tools, some of which he invented by himself. In short, it was learning by doing.

Have you built anything else?

— Yes, I've built quite a few constructions: a summer house, a house for my parents, a shed, an outdoor shower, and a restroom. Now, I am building an outdoor kitchen. As for plans for the future, I want to build another house.

Your hobby must be popular with your friends. Have you ever been asked to build something?

— Yes, I built a summer house for my friends. Not for free 一 I was paid a barbecue :)

Does your profession, programming, help you in your hobbies?

— Yes, of course. Programming helps me to think all my actions ahead. For example, I often calculate the angle to put a nail to so that it doesn’t damage the construction.