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Anastasiya Yakubouskaya — She Knows What to Bring From a Trip

Almost any trip seems hard to imagine without souvenirs. An Eiffel Tower statue from Paris, Pinocchio from Italy, and a kilt from Scotland keep warm vacation memories. Magnets are just something self-evident!

But some people turn this simple travel routine into the passion of their lives. So did our colleague Anastasiya Yakubouskaya, who has a really fascinating hobby - plate collecting! Enjoy reading :)

Anastasiya, you are a plate collector. When did you get interested in it?

I collect plates from around the world. I got interested in this in 2011. When I bought the first plate, I didn't think I would continue doing this. But I studied academic vocal, went to various competitions, and wanted to bring some souvenirs from there.

Where did you buy the first plate?

In Paris. I performed there at the festival in 2011.

Does your collection include only plates bought in other countries?

Yes. At first, I bought and brought them by myself. When my family and friends learned of my hobby, they also started getting me plates from the countries they had visited. 

Now, my parents sometimes remind me not to forget to bring a plate from the next trip. They also buy plates for me if they're somewhere abroad. Even my grandmother got me a plate from Lithuania where she had visited relatives.   

How do you store your collection?

The plates hang on the wall in my parents' house. 

What does your collection mean to you? 

I can tell guests about my trips and show them plates I have brought back from there. They raise good travel memories. I look at a plate, and the whole trip appears in my head. It's amazing!


Which plate is the most valuable to you?

When I was studying in Poland, I had opportunities to travel a lot. At that time, I already collected plates. One Sunday, I went to Berlin with friends. They were going to see a new city, and I wanted to buy a plate. But Sunday is a day off in Europe. People spend time at home with their families, go to church; almost all shops are closed.   

But I was determined to buy a plate in Berlin. I walked around almost the entire city searching for a shop where I could buy a plate. And I did it! This plate is the most valuable to me because it was challenging to find it. Also the plate from Paris means a lot to me because it was the beginning.    

How many plates do you have?

Over 50. Of course, I continue to replenish my collection.  

What countries are they from?

From various cities in Poland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, Malta, Czech Republic, Belgium, Hungary, UK, Norway, Lithuania, and Montenegro.

Does this hobby help you learn something new?

Of course. When I buy a plate, I always read the information on the Internet about what it depicts: landmarks, places, or people. It's interesting to find out something new; it broadens my horizons.

How to find out what you like? How to find your hobby?

You don't have to look for it purposefully. Sooner or later, it will come to you. For example, my hobby appeared quite unexpectedly. I traveled and brought back postcards and magnets but it was too boring. I started collecting plates, which later became my hobby or even an exciting hunt.