In this article, we talk about our talented colleagues. Who are they — our #leverxpeople?

Ekaterina Sushko 一 Makes Miniatures

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一 What is your hobby?

一 I make miniature books and recently have started creating other things in miniature. 

一 What is miniature creation?

一 This is a process of creating tiny things using the materials at hand. I don’t use any special tools like magnifiers; almost every miniature is handmade, but I sometimes use tweezers.

一 How tiny are your miniatures?

一 The tiniest book I’ve made is 5 mm high; the largest one is around 20 mm.

一 5 mm? The process is probably very elaborate and time-consuming. Do you have enough patience? Does it irritate you when things don't work out?

一 No, actually. I know that I will succeed sooner or later.

一 How long does it usually take to make one miniature?

一 It depends on the content, for example, and the quality that I want to have. The minimum time I have ever created one piece was 3 hours. On average, it takes 6 hours to create a miniature.

一 When did you become interested in miniature creation?

一 I got excited about miniatures when I was a child. In my high school and university years, the interest faded, but recently, it has flared up with renewed vigor. 

一 Do you remember your first miniature?

一 Yes, it was an ABC book. The miniature was as simple as possible: the cover was made of the carton from a “Marko” shoebox, and the pages were just drawings with letters. By the way, I still keep it!

一 What got you into miniatures?

一 I’m obsessed with tiny and cute things. I think such things have their charm.

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一 Which of your artworks is your favorite?

一 Once I created a mini-book, which included lyrics of my favorite music group. I was going to give them this book at the concert. The miniature was flawless; I also tried to convey the band's style and even attached dried flowers to the cover. Due to Covid-19, I didn’t go to the concert. So, I still keep this book, and I think this is my favorite work.

一 Perhaps you managed to monetize your hobby? Do you make custom miniatures?

一 I think it would be great to monetize my hobby in the future. But now, I create miniatures mainly for myself or friends and colleagues. I gave my last miniature to a project coworker as a gift for the New Year.

一 What was his reaction? 

一 He said: “Well done”. :)

一 In addition to books, you also create miniatures of other things. What are they?

一 Now I'm creating my room in miniature. I have already made a shelf and the things it contains. I also recently completed a mini sofa.

一 What are your miniatures made of? What material are you usually using?

一 What I like the most about making mini things is that you don’t have to worry about particular materials. I can apply everything at hand to my art.

My neighbor recently gave me a bag with faux leather. And I found a use for it when I was making a sofa. When somebody gives me a business card, the first thing that comes to my mind is that this card could be an excellent flyleaf for my next book. I never bought anything intentionally.

一 Do you have any goals regarding your hobby? Is there anything you would like to create?

一 I do not have a certain point I want to get to. I just create and enjoy the process!




Talented #leverxpeople

In this article, we talk about our talented colleagues. Who are they — our #leverxpeople?