Our LeverX Universe is constantly growing and acquiring its remarkable features: corporate clothes that make our #leverxpeople noticeable within the crowd, branded sharing bikes, an IT coffee blend, and a fantastic mural on one of Wroclaw's buildings!


A mural is a painting on the walls inside or outside buildings. An artist requires deep artistic experience to paint them. Our search for such a master led us to Beata Śliwińska, a talented and creative designer who created a true masterpiece reflecting our corporate style and concept. 

And what is the most impressive, you can enjoy our mural day and night — it glows in the dark! 


Haven’t you seen the mural live? Catch the address: Poland, Wroclaw, Jedności Narodowe 42-44. When getting there, don’t forget to take a selfie and post it on your social networks, mentioned our Instagram account.


On the Way Towards an Ecological Future!

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Our IT Blend Was Born!

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