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Top 10 Questions About SAP DMS

SAP Partner1. What is SAP Document Management System (DMS)?

SAP DMS (Document Management System) is a cross application component of SAP ECC that provides robust document, content and digital asset management capabilities. DMS is powered by SAP® NetWeaver™. SAP DMS is a major component of the SAP PLM solution.

2. Who can benefit from the use of SAP DMS?

SAP customers from any industry and of any size with requirements to manage their electronic documents, media and other digital assets in a secure and controlled environment can benefit from SAP DMS.

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3. What are SAP DMS’ main capabilities?

SAP DMS enables the capture and management of electronic documents, CAD models and drawings, MS-Office files, scanned images, multi-media files, and any other electronic files that should be stored and controlled in a secure environment. SAP DMS provides version and revision control, integrated workflow capabilities, full text retrieval and search functionality, and linkage with SAP business objects such as Bill of Materials, material masters (parts), process plans, engineering change masters, and production orders. SAP DMS supports archiving and SAP classification schemes as well as third-party archiving repositories. SAP DMS provides integrated viewing and redlining capabilities.

4. How easy is it for occasional users to execute their work using SAP DMS?

DMS provides various user interfaces including an easy-to-use, intuitive, Web-based portal and MS-Windows Explorer simplified access, called Easy DMS. The Easy DMS and Web Browser user interfaces require minimum training for occasional users.

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5. Must SAP DMS be deployed at the same time as SAP ECC?

No! SAP DMS can be implemented in parallel with major SAP ECC components such as PP, MM, SD FI or CO, or can be implemented as an add-on (at a later time) to a base SAP ECC implementation.

6. Can SAP DMS be deployed without any other SAP Solutions installed?

Yes! SAP DMS is a component of SAP ECC and therefore could be implemented as the initial deployment of a SAP ECC project, however, in practice this not typically the case. Most customers either implement SAP DMS in parallel to other ECC components or add SAP DMS to an existing implementation later.

7. Can customers implement SAP DMS as the first step in a comprehensive PLM implementation roadmap?

Yes! You can start with a SAP DMS implementation and then build out comprehensive SAP PLM applications in a phase-based approach.

8. Can SAP DMS support a distributed environment for Document Management?

Yes! SAP DMS provides robust capabilities to support a distributed document management environment through multiple content servers and cache servers. This capability is based on the KPro technology provided in SAP NetWeaver.

9. What is the effort to implement SAP DMS?

There are many factors that influence the implementation effort and duration. Project experience illustrates that the additional effort to add SAP DMS to your SAP ECC implementation plan can be as few as 4 months.

10. How can customers understand if SAP DMS capabilities meet their requirements?

LeverX conducts a workshop for SAP customers to investigate their requirements for document and content management, and recommend potential scenarios for a SAP DMS deployment. Afterwards LeverX can define with the customer a SAP DMS implementation plan to fit within their current SAP roadmap.

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