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Top 10 Questions About SAP cProjects

1. SAP PartnerWhat is cProjects?
cProjects (Collaboration Projects) is the SAP web-based application for project planning, scheduling, resources management and costing across internal and external partners. cProjects is part of a SAP PPM suite of applications powered by SAP® NetWeaver™ that integrate project management, knowledge management and resource management in collaborative inter-enterprise and intra-enterprise environments.

2. Who can benefit from the use of cProjects?
Organizations, their partners and suppliers from any industry and of any size with requirements to manage any kind of project can benefit from cProjects in a collaborative web based environment. cProjects is designed to support standard methodologies such as PACE®, APQP, Six Sigma and Stage-Gate® and integrates these methodologies into a collaborative web based environment.

3. What are cProjects’ main capabilities?
cProjects provides a broad set of project planning and management, resource management, and task execution capabilities in a secure web-based collaborative environment. Predefined templates, project versioning, project reporting and analysis are all provided along with time reporting that can be integrated into your enterprise financial system.

4. How easy is it for occasional users to execute their work using cProjects?
cProjects is an easy-to-use, intuitive Web-based application. Its Web Browser user interface requires minimum training for occasional users.

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5. Must cProjects and cFolders be deployed together?
No, cProjects can be implemented by itself or integrated with SAP ECC. cFolders is a tool that enables collaboration by sharing documents among internal and external partners. If a company has such requirements, cProjects and cFolders can be implemented together.

6. Can cProjects be deployed without any other SAP Solutions installed?
Yes! cProjects can be deployed stand alone – no other SAP solutions are required. However, SAP customers can take advantage of the SAP business suite as an integrated solution by using cProjects with SAP PLM (ECC), SAP cFolders, SAP xRPM, SAP BW, SAP HR and SAP SRM.

7. Can customers deploy just cProjects as the first step in a comprehensive PLM implementation roadmap?
Yes! You can start with a cProjects implementation and then build out comprehensive SAP PLM applications in a phase-based approach.

8. What are the technical prerequisites to use cProjects in a stand-alone mode?
cProject is installed as an add-on to SAP NetWeaver 2004s or higher which can be installed on a Windows or Unix based system.

9. What is the effort to implement cProjects?
There are many factors that influence the implementation effort and duration. Project experience illustrates that cProjects can be implemented in as few as 60 days.

10. How can customers understand if cProjects capabilities meet their requirements?
LeverX conducts a workshop for SAP customers to investigate their requirements for collaborative project management and recommend potential scenarios for cProjects deployment. Afterwards LeverX can define with the customer a cProjects implementation plan to fit within their current SAP roadmap.