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Process Automation for SAP – IPS

Integrated Process Solution – IPS

Business Process Automation for SAP

IPS - SAP Workflow: Improving the handoff from product development to logistics - a Case Study

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All companies face the same challenge today: How to accomplish more with fewer resources, greater agility, better accuracy, and full traceability and transparency. Furthermore, your business processes need to be an integral part of your business system and leverage your investment in SAP. The LeverX Integrated Process Solution (IPS), leveraging client experiences, enables your Business Users to create and maintain business process workflows that meet their needs today and tomorrow. Manage processes for documents, product change, material masters, BOMs and many SAP objects from logistics, sales, procurement, quality, assets and key business processes. SAP processes made simple, clear and agile.

The LeverX Integrated Process Solution (IPS) is an SAP add-on application that allows your organization to effectively manage innovation without having to involve IT. This solution drives SAP workflows and works across the SAP ERP application to provide the following benefits:

  • SAP add-on to simplify business processes via workflow enablement
  • Allow business users to create and manage workflows easily
  • Reduce time and effort to develop and maintain processes
  • Simplicity and agility through a rapidly deployable solution
  • Build process templates with simple building block approach

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Let LeverX give you a personalized demonstration to show you the full range of business enhancing possibilities with the LeverX Integrated Process Solution.

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How we work with you

LeverX is here to help deploy a process automation solution that provides a strong return on investment through the efficient deployment of process automation within your SAP environment.  Whether you are looking to run a pilot around just a single workflow process, or looking to do a full scale implementation across several areas of your organization, we will tailor our demonstration and sales discussions to suit your specific needs.

We will be providing a number of opportunities to learn more about this exciting solution in the coming months, from tradeshows to online events. If you’d like to hear more from us in a one-on-one setting, click the learn more button or call us at +1 866-562-1512 to start discussing in more detail.  If there’s a strong fit, LeverX will work with your team to develop the most effective capability demonstration possible, using the real tools and functional areas of SAP that your organization is looking to help improve.

The IPS solution represents a significant upgrade from our ICS product. The older versions of the application covered processes within SAP PLM and SAP DMS. The new solution extends functionality across SAP, and is a great fit for a variety of SAP customers seeking to deploy process automation without heavy IT involvement.

Build SAP Workflows Based On Template Methodology and Simple Building Blocks


Deploy lean standard processes

SAP Business Process Management - Simplify SAP Workflow Across Your Organization

Download our IPS Solution Overview

  • Automate enterprise processes driven by defined business rules
  • Enable business users to define and modify workflows without IT support
  • Define template based process workflows for rapid deployment and adoption
  • Deliver consistent results and quickly adapt your processes to meet changing needs
  • Reduce or eliminate manual interventions, administrators and excess meetings
  • Provide real-time visibility to processes

Deliver real business benefits

  • Ease of use allows business users to define and maintain workflows increasing productivity and reducing support costs
  • Limited learning curve provides faster deployment and increased adoption
  • Drive standard enterprise processes mitigating product and process risks
  • Process templates and mass agent change reduce oversight and maintenance costs
  • Decision logic improves quality and shortens process execution times
  • Leverage your investment in SAP, automate processes & consolidate systems

Capability highlights

  • Intuitive user interface simplifies use and training for business users
  • Supports many SAP objects and SAP user interfaces (SAP GUI, NWBC, Portal, etc.)
  • Intelligent selection of workflow and participants based on SAP object attributes
  • Decision based actions drive workflows and supports conditional and parallel paths
  • Visual workflow clearly identifies process status and phase
  • Model complex processes with drag-n-drop
  • Automate SAP system activities
  • Generate email notifications including generated PDF reports


Contact LeverX to find out more information about our Integrated Process Solution and how to schedule a demonstration of one of your workflows. Email us at sales.mail@LeverX.com or contact us at +1 866-562-1512