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BMAX – BOM Material Allocation Extension

BMAX - SAP Bill of Material, Material Master Extension and Allocation Tool. BMAX, an Add-on for SAP by LeverX

Streamline, Simplify and Automate Material and BoM Creation and Extension in SAP

BOM Material Allocation

BMAX is an add-on solution for the SAP ERP system, developed by LeverX to provide greater agility for the skilled business users of our clients. By freeing users from many of the burdens of clerical tasks related to bill of material management, BMAX helps our clients speed time to market and reduce costs related to processing Bill of Material and Material Master setup, allocation & extension between plants and production facilities.

The LeverX Bill of Material (BoM) Allocation Extension delivers the following benefits:

  • Streamlines BOM creation and extension of material master to productive plants
  • Simplifies process of BOM creation via drag & drop interface, tree structure and saved BOM definition
  • Significantly reduces time and errors to release or transfer products to manufacturing plants
  • Automates extension through definable rules and repeatable processes reducing time and ensuring quality
  • Easy to deploy, easy to use and easy to validate extension process

Want to see BMAX in action? Watch our webinar:

Watch Now: BMAX Demo Webinar

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How does the BMAX add-on for SAP work?

BMAX for SAP - Modules for BOM & Material Master Allocation AutomationLeverX’s Bill of Material Allocation Extension (BMAX) application streamlines, simplifies and automates the extension of Materials and Bills of Materials to additional productive plants and more based on customer defined rules. This reduces manual efforts, errors and accelerates the handover to operations, providing a strong productivity benefit to your SAP environment.

  • BMAX-B Automated extension of BOMs to plants, storage locations, warehouses, sales & distribution channels
  • BMAX-M Automated creation & extension of Materials to plants, storage locations, warehouses, sales & distribution channels
  • BMAX-I Excel and workflow integration for optimized automation
  • BMAX-R Robust rules engine supporting machine learning to define extension criteria for Material Masters & BOMs

BMAX is an add on solution for SAP built to improve engineering efficiency. For more information, email us at sales.mail@LeverX.com or contact us at +1 866-562-1512

BOM - Bill of Material Allocation Automation Overview BMAX for SAP by LeverX