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SAP Mobile Application Previews


Define Your Enterprise Mobile Strategy Before Your Users Do!

This webinar will cover mobile strategy development and trends, including:

  • Mobile application growth, demographics & drivers
  • Examples of SAP & LeverX mobile applications integrated with SAP
  • Assessing your needs and addressing the reality of expectations
  • Defining your Enterprise Mobile Application strategy
  • Getting started: Building a proof of concept mobile application

Presented by:
Alan Mendel, Vice President, LeverX
Arthur Lozinski, Product Manager, LeverX
Boma Koko, Principal Consultant, LeverX

Play Video Mobile Application Strategies
Presented by:
Alan Mendel, Vice President, LeverX
Arthur Lozinski, Product Manager, LeverX

The market for mobile applications is rapidly expanding from consumer oriented apps to enterprise uses. SAP has recognized this demand and has invested in building out their mobile infrastructure to offer SAP customers the ability to effectively deploy enterprise mobile applications. Additionally, partners such as LeverX are developing customer oriented mobile applications that leverage investments in SAP solutions. There is increasing demand from all industries to empower their employees with mobile applications that interact with the processes and knowledge of their SAP business solutions. This webinar will discuss the growth of mobile applications within the enterprise and demonstrate how your organization can start right away to leverage mobile applications within your company. Come hear about LeverX’s new partnership for enterprise mobile development.