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Product Safety & Stewardship Solutions from SAP for Process Industries – Overview, Recent Innovations, and Roadmap

SAP Process Industry - Product Safety & Stewardship webinarWebinar Description:

Process manufacturers producing, selling, and shipping products must comply with regulatory and stakeholder requirements for ingredients, chemicals, registrations, provision of safety data sheets, labeling, packaging, and safe transportation.

Value Proposition:
The Product Safety & Stewardship solutions from SAP help fulfill these requirements and ensure product marketability, reducing compliance costs and protecting the brand.

Please join us for this extensive webinar demonstrating the Product Safety & Stewardship solution from SAP for process industries and their latest innovations and roadmap.

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Webinar Speakers:

Dr. Ruediger Kreuzholz, Solution Expert, Product Safety & Stewardship, SAP SE

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Webinar Agenda:

1. “SAP’s Product Safety & Stewardship – Current Trends and Strategies”

2. “SAP’s Product Safety & Stewardship Solutions – Overview”

3. “SAP’s Product Safety & Stewardship Solutions – Latest Innovations and Roadmap”

4.  Questions