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Delivery Services

LeverX delivery services help you simplify the journey of increasing profits from innovation. Our approaches go beyond merely completing on time and on budget. We guide you through choices by providing insight on the business impact of different choices available within the PLM suite.

Beyond that, we keep the business case front and center in the project process. The first step of our engagements is to set Strategic Results Targets (often identified in our Strategic Assessment and Recommendations project). The Strategic Results Targets help guide work process and software feature decisions by process, and they give the entire team a context for making choices during deployment.

Beyond our unique approach to helping you achieve ROI for your PLM investment, we have created a number of complementary solutions that you can easily add to your SAP implementation. We’ve developed each of these solutions to help you get more leverage… get higher returns from your SAP PLM solution.

LeverX Add-On Solutions are listed below.

Innovative Change Solution by LeverX

LeverX’s Innovative Change solution is a SAP add-on application to accelerate SAP workflows while leveraging SAP PLM and SAP technologies. Reduce your time and effort to develop and maintain your change process and workflows providing best practice change templates and an easy to create and manage workflows by business owners.

BMAX – BOM Material Allocation Extension by LeverX

LeverX’s BOM Material Allocation Extension (BMAX) application streamlines, simplifies and automates the extension of Materials and Bills of Materials to productive plants based on customer defined rules. This reduces manual efforts, errors and speeds the hand over from engineering to manufacturing.

Engineering Record Dashboard by LeverX

Improve visibility and tracking of your engineering changes with the LeverX Engineering Record Dashboard.

LeverX Dashboard

The LeverX Engineering Record Dashboard delivers the following benefits:

  • Eliminate process bottlenecks
  • Increase change process quality
  • Eliminate data redundancy and synchronization delay
  • Simplifies the management for the overall change process
  • Offers definable and repeatable reporting
  • Easy to deploy and easy to use

Managing your New Product Development strategy requires efficient management of your resources and your change control process. The LeverX Engineering Record Dashboard will provide an instant visibility into your Engineering Change Control environment.

PLM Where Used for SAP HANA by LeverX

LeverX has developed a new PLM Where Used application for SAP HANA that greatly accelerates Where Used queries to top level products and integrate the SAP PLM Engineering Record to streamline changes. For more information and a live demonstration, contact us.

LeverX DMS Search by LeverX

DMS Search Picture 2014-05-20

LeverX DMS Search is a FREE iTunes application offered by LeverX, Inc. that allows iPad users to search and display document information and files stored in your SAP® Document Management System (DMS).


LeverX PLM Mobile App by LeverX

PLM iPad App1 2014-05-20

The LeverX PLM Mobile App is a project based iPad mobile solution offered by LeverX that allows iPad users to search and display Product Lifecycle information and associated files stored in your SAP® Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution.


LeverX PPM Mobile App by LeverX

PPM iPad App 2014-05-20

The LeverX PPM Mobile App is a project based iPad mobile solution offered by LeverX that allows iPad users to search and display Project and Resource information stored in your SAP® Portfolio and Project Management (PPM) solution.

For more information, please email us at sales.mail@LeverX.com or call us at +1 866-562-1512