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NEW Simplified Business Workflow for Process Industry Customers (13SEP2016)

Webinar Description:

LeverX’s Integrated Process Solution (IPS), a simplified business user focused workflow solution, now supports SAP recipe development, specifications and labels.  Process industries and SAP recipe development users can now easily design, build and deploy workflows to improve, automate and optimize their recipes, specifications and labeling processes.  Learn how to develop and release to manufacturing product recipes faster, more accurately and with less resources and costs.

Shown here is a 8 minute preview of the webinar on NEW Simplified Business Workflow for Process Industry Customers. To see the full version, please click the Webinar Registration button to the right and fill out the form.

Webinar Speakers:

Eric Stajda, Vice President of Services, LeverX

David Kramp, Director of Solutions & Services, LeverX

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Webinar Agenda:

1. “IPS Overview and Recent Innovations”

2. “Recipe, Specification and Labeling Process Automation”

3. “Business Value for Process Industries”

4. “Demonstration”

5.  Questions