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NEW SAP Visual Enterprise v9.0 Capabilities & Update 31Aug2016

Webinar Description:

This SAP functional update webinar, jointly sponsored by SAP and LeverX, will announce new capabilities and updates included in the new SAP Visual Enterprise (VE) solutions version 9.0 available from SAP. SAP Visual Enterprise solutions greatly enhance communication, collaboration, and decision making across the enterprise.  Learn how visualization can be leveraged for product data publishing, restructuring, manufacturing, support and analytics.  This webinar will include a summary and demonstration of SAP Visual Enterprise and associated applications as well as new capabilities and updates available in the new release.  We are looking forward to showing you how to compress product time to market, create agile manufacturing processes and keep assets running at peak performance levels through the use of SAP Visual Enterprise Solutions.

Shown here is a 8 minute preview of the webinar on NEW SAP Visual Enterprise v9.0 Capabilities & Update. To see the full version, please click the Webinar Registration button to the right and fill out the form.

Webinar Speakers:

Mark Landrosh, Senior Director – R&D/Engineering Solutions, SAP

David Kramp, Director of Solutions & Services, LeverX

When registering for our webinars, please click the SAP Webinar button to the right.  Please use your company assigned email address (no personal email addresses).

Webinar Agenda:

1. “SAP Visual Enterprise Overview”

2. “SAP Visual Enterprise v9.0 New Capabilities & Updates”

3. “SAP Visual Enterprise Demonstrations”

4. Questions