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LeverX IQ – Product Work Center for SAP

LeverX IQ - Product Work Center for SAPLeverX IQ is a Product Work Center, a product informational dashboard, specifically designed to improve user productivity within the SAP ERP system. The complexity of the traditional out of box transaction code user interface is a major barrier for getting new users up to speed leveraging your SAP system to access all the information most relevant to their job duties and make decisions. The IQ Product Work Center provides an easy to deploy solution to simplify this complexity by aggregating product data, process information and key transactions (over 20 T-codes) from across design, manufacturing, sales, quality and more into a single user friendly work environment, enabling your team to work smarter with relevant data and make the right decisions.

This SAP add-on application is built using SAP technology to ensure compliance with future changes to core SAP functionality. IQ is easy to deploy and only requires two transports to implement in your SAP system. The base add-on is SAP GUI-based providing stability and fast response time. IQ is also available as Fiori (HTML5) apps supporting desktop and mobile use with one common interface. IQ supports all SAP back-end security rules are obeyed to ensure users only see what they are authorized to access.

Available product data includes material data, ECMs, Documents, BOMs, Manufacturing, Sales, and Quality, as well as visual views, supported by CAD models and the SAP Visual Enterprise Generator.

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The IQ Workspace

IQ for SAP - Workspace OverviewThis workspace enables each user to develop their own folders to save prior views and ongoing critical product and process transaction data that they will need to access. Views can be shared between users and work teams, but security access rules do persist.

The work space enables fast access to a variety of data points related to whatever focus object you select in the left pane. (Click the image for a larger view)


Folder & Visual Data Access

IQ for SAP - Pull product data or visual data into viewNavigation and data may be accessed by the folder view for a data-driven view, or by the visual view shown to the right. For the visual view, key data is pulled directly from the light weight model generated from the CAD model using SAP Visual Enterprise Generator.

Once data is available, key work elements can be saved into folders for sharing or later access.

IQ in SAP FioriIQ for SAP Fiori with product drill downs

SAP Fiori provides an even faster access method for end users and product work center data.

With a modern, streamlined user interface, IQ in Fiori is able to deliver the data your users need to make smart decisions quickly and with minimal effort searching out. This is the same core functionality available in the SAP GUI, delivered through the Fiori environment.

LeverX IQ will serve as a starting point for a series of other LeverX add-on solutions that will continue to be rolled out over time. LeverX has developed a number of add-ons built to help SAP customers improve their productivity and overall solution ROI. Other available SAP add-on products include IPS for process workflow enablement, BMAX for BOM/material master allocation, Engineering Record Dashboards.  More will be available in the future.